Journal of fundamental
applied researches

Zooplankton as indicators of ecological conditionof the Lower zone of the Volga river delta

2014. №1, pp. 020-025

Fedyaeva Ludmila A. - post-graduate student, Astrakhan State Technical University, 16 Tatischev Str., Astrakhan, 414025, Russian Federation,

In this research it was estimated the ecological status watercourses of the lower zone of the Volga river delta in the Astrakhan State Reserve. It was defined trophic status of certain waters of the delta, using a series of indicators zooplankton. Complex of dominant species is similar for all the studied reservoirs and it is represented by six species in the zooplankton community on the occurrence in the samples. The indicator species is dominated by meso- end oligosaproby in zooplankton of studied reservoirs. It was revealed the highest values of trophic index and trophic factor for channel Bystraya. It was found the same ratio of major trophic groups of zooplankton for the flow Lotosnyi and Bysraya. The flow Obzhorova is quite different from other channels, due to the predominance in zooplankton of copepods and smaller number of individuals of rotifers in the community. In the flow Lotosnyi it was found a higher proportion of some trophic groups in the general population, and this watercourse is more varied in the number of study groups. Studied streams are classified as moderately polluted with high diversity and a relatively uniform distribution of trophic groups in the total number of zooplankton.

Key words: zooplankton, Astrakhan State Reserve, saprobity, dominating complex of species, trophic groups