Journal of fundamental
applied researches


The purpose of the journal is to promote the development of natural science research in accordance with the current trends of natural science and technology improve science education in the educational institutions.
The journal publishes theoretical, review (the problematic nature) and experimental research articles on the whole range of problems of chemistry, biology, short communications, and information on new methods of experimental studies.

The journal also puts information about anniversaries, new publications in scientific publishing university issues, information about upcoming and past conferences, symposia, congresses. The journal publishes material were not previously published in other periodicals.

Solution of these problems is part of the editorial and publishing activities, which includes:

  • reviewing of articles by members of the editorial board and / or employees of the Astrakhan State University;
  • direction of articles for review by professionals from outside of the Astrakhan State University;
  • submission of proposals to authors for change the titles of articles, content and reference lists;
  • implementation of publishing editing texts of articles, their abstracts and keywords (with the required alignment of all bug fixes with the authors);
  • correct obvious spelling and syntax errors detected in the submitted materials (this can be done without the consent of editorial boards authors).

Articles should be sent to the editorial office by e-mail and in "paper form" with the visas of all authors on the last page.
The authors must be submitted to external review with expertise in the relevant field, with the signatures of the reviewers and seals, certifying their signature. The presence of positive external review does not exclude the requirements of the editorial revision of texts of articles or refusal to publication.
Correspondence of editorial board (executive secretary) with the authors conducted via e-mail.

Bioorganic Chemistry

Checking and review articles
All material submitted for publication in the journal "Natural Sciences", are subject to mandatory peer review. It includes a presentation of the authors of external review and internal editorial review.
In one issue of the journal may not be published more than two papers of one author, including co-authorship.
Executive secretary checks article for compliance with the topics and formal manuscript requirements of the journal. In the case of non-subject, the article is not taken into consideration, and the author is notified.
After the primary review executive secretary organizes checking the content of the article by members of the editorial board.

The Editorial Board may take the following decisions:

  • publish as submitted;
  • publish after some corrections mentioned in the review;
  • publish after a major revision and re-review;
  • article cannot be recommended for publication in the journal "Natural Sciences."

Reviewing articles in the journal carried out anonymously.
As a general rule, the publication made in order of receipt of articles to the editor. However, in justified cases, the Editorial Board may decide to extraordinary publishing.