Journal of fundamental
applied researches

For authors

The journal publishes articles on the following the following fields of science and groups of specialties: 03.02.00 "General Biology", 03.03.00 "Physiology", 02.00.00 "Chemistry", 01.03.00 "Physical and chemical biology."

The volume of the magazine is 10-15 quires.

Frequency of publication is 4 times a year.

All manuscripts are peer reviewed according to the approved order.

The volume of publications: review articles is up to 1 quires (16 pages), the original article is to 0.5 quires (8-10 pages), information about anniversaries, conferences, etc. is up to 0.2 quires.

The date of deposit of articles to the editorial board of the journal "Natural Sciences":

  • for publication in the number 1 next year - until December 10;
  • a number 2 - to 10 March;
  • in number 3 - to 10 June;
  • a number of 4 - to 15 September.

Manuscript requirements. Word Windows; font Times New Roman, 14, line spacing - 1, A4 paper, margins: left - 2.5 cm, right - 2,5 cm, top and bottom - 2.5 cm, red line - 1, 27 cm, the page numbering is required. Possible publication in English.

The "cap". At the top to the left - UDC, 1 interval, the center - the article title (capital letters, font Times New Roman, 16), 1 interval - full name and patronymic, surname of the author (size 14), author information (title, degree, position), 1 interval - the name of the institution (organization), address, phone, e-mail address of the author, 1 interval - Executive Summary (lines 10-15) and keywords (size 12, italic). 1 interval translation of the relevant data in the same sequence in the English language: The title of the article, name author (s), information about the author (s) (rank, degree and post), the authors address information (the organization (s), its legal address, e-mail all or one of the authors), abstract (containing from 150 to 250 words), keywords (at least 10). The presence of the English summary is mandatory. English resume should exactly match the Russian. An imprecise translation of the article summaries will be returned.

References should be in alphabetical order (Times New Roman, 9), first lists all the sources in Russian and the languages of the alphabet with a close (Ukrainian, Bulgarian, etc.), then all foreign. All references are to the original language. Works of local authors published in the foreign press, are in the list of foreign works. References should be fully and comprehensively reflect the current state of research, it is not recommended to refer to inaccessible sources of information. Not recommended links to online publications, with the exception of electronic journals. References should proportionately reflect the contribution of local and foreign researchers. 1 interval - references in the Latin alphabet (transliteration - and translated into English source name (the name of the "References"). Works published in domestic journals translated in English literature list must be specified in the translated version. The names of translated journals appear in their original versions (for example, Journal of Organic Chemistry - Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry). For translated books is desirable to find the original name in English. Pages are required. The numbering of references in the text in square brackets.

The size of all values is in the amount of SI, the names of chemical compounds are in accordance with the recommendations of the IUPAC.

Table requirements. Font Times New Roman, 9. Table width is 13 cm, book turn.

  • all the tables in the manuscript should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals;
  • table number begins with the word "Table" (font Times New Roman, right alignment), followed by a space followed by a serial number;
  • after the number on the next line (without a permit) is placed in the header of the table as 1-2 lines of text recruited usual style: font Times New Roman, bold, centered, 1.0 line spacing, hanging strings ban, ban the transfer;
  • the body of the table is placed after the title on the field width;
  • the contents of table cells is centered horizontally and vertically border - 0.5 pt;
  • tables should be incorporated into the text to the nearest place of reference. Tables must be located within the working area (not covered by the fields). When you transfer the table to another page should carry and the table header.

Formula requirements. Formulas should be made by means of Word in the formula editor Microsoft Equation (allowed in MathType).

Fonts formulas:

  • For Russian indices - text line, low-fat;
  • function (sin, tg, log) - direct, low-fat;
  • Variable (Latin for variables) - italic, non-greasy;
  • Greek - direct, low-fat;
  • Symbol - direct, low-fat;
  • Matrix-vector - fat (Latin, Greek., Russian.), Direct;
  • Number - direct, non-greasy.

The size of the font in MS Equation:

  • full & subsymbol - 10 Fri;
  • subscript - 9 Fri;
  • subsub - 8 pt.;-Symbol - 14 pt.

Illustrations requirements:

  • width of drawings, photographs, charts, graphs, diagrams, there is no more than 13 cm;
  • all the symbols in the figures should be explained in the text or captions to illustrations;
  • lines in the charts: the main - 1.5, thin - 0.75;
  • drawings must be grouped;
  • captions executed usual style and start with the notation "Fig.", Followed by a single space after the figure number should be Arabic numerals (numbered sequentially), followed by a signature. Font: Times New Roman, 9, center, line spacing 1.0, hanging strings ban, banning the transfer;
  • figures should be centered on the text.

The drawings are placed directly in the text based on the logic of presentation and are accompanied by captions. Figures should be in black and white. Each figure is a jpeg or tiff. Photographs, drawings, diagrams, graphs, charts, only black and white, lettering in figures, graphs, etc. - Times New Roman, 9. Caption label - Times New Roman, 9, not greasy.

Publication of articles is available only students in collaboration with the supervisor.

Price for placing articles in the journal "Natural Sciences" is set at 300 rubles per 1 page for university employees, except for graduate students, and 500 rubles per 1 page for all persons who are not employees of the university, except for graduate students.

Details for payment publications.

Supplier Federal Treasury Department for Astrakhan (Astrakhan State University)
"Astrakhan State University"
Address: ul. Tatishcheva 20a, Astrakhan, 
Tel. 48-53-47, 48-53-46, fax 48-53-46
INN 3016009269
KPP 301601001
FSA for the Astrakhan region (Astrakhan State University)
Personal account 20256Ts14780
Checking account 40501810400002000002
Bank: Astrakhan Department, Astrakhan
BIC 041203001
TOFC Code 2500
OKONKh Code 92110
OKPO Code 02079218
BCC 00000000000000000130
OKTMO 12701000000


In the editorial address, please send:

  • computer printed text of the article with a full set of illustrations and tables (1 sp.)
  • CD with the text of the article (single file that contains all the text and illustrations)!
  • the article to include a cover letter stating the full names and surname of all authors, as well as contact numbers, external review of the article, payment receipt (scanned). Please allocate name of responsible author in italics.


Executive Secretary Rusakova Elena Gennadievna

1 Shaumyana Sq., Astrakhan, 414000, Russian Federation.

Note. Articles sent by without complying with these rules will not be accepted.