Journal of fundamental
applied researches

Effects of plant growth regulators on vegetables crops

2017. 1, pp. 13-22

Puchkov M.Yu. - D.Sc. (Agriculturae), Associate Professor, Director, All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Irrigated Vegetable and Melon Growing, 16 Lubitscha Str., Kamyzyak town, Astrakhan region, 416341, Russian Federation,

Mohamed Mostafa Mahmoud Abdelkader - postgraduate student, Astrakhan State University, 1 Shaumyana Str., Astrakhan, 414056, Russian Federation,

Widespread use of plant growth regulators, which have a diverse range of activities contributes to a significant reduction in the volume of use of plant protection against pests and diseases. Given that some drugs have a significant immune stimulating effect, their complex application together with fungicides gives grounds for reducing the last consumption rates by 25-30 %, which will receive environmentally friendly and cheaper products [8]. In recent years, the problem of endogenous growth regulation is considered in close connection with the issues of rational use of synthetic regulators. We describe a variety of household significant effects of such drugs. It is found that in most cases growth regulators are used not only for increasing the yield of dry matter per unit area; this task is successfully solved by traditional means such as fertilizer and watering. Intensive agriculture confronts science and practice new tasks far beyond the increase in gross yield. Among them, preventing lodging of grain at a high agricultural background, synchronizing ripening required for their cleaning machine, increase the share of early harvesting or cotton at a constant value of total crop and others. Proper use of growth regulators can solve just such a problem. Plant growth regulators an important component in gardening since ancient times, because they have an effective means of quantifying and improving the quality of growth and development of crops. Plant growth and development, as well as responses to environmental factors are highly regulated by a complex and coordinated actions of endogenous hormones. In addition, other plant growth regulators have also been reported very useful in this regard, altering plant growth and development. We have tried to collect most of the similarity research, discussed the impact of crop growth regulator [11].

Key words: , , , , , , Growth regulators, Plants, Crop synthetic regulators, Agricultural, Cultural and Tomato