Journal of fundamental
applied researches

Editorial board

Chief Editor:
D.L. Tepliy - Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Astrakhan State University;

Editorial Council:
T.G. Anischenko - Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Professor, Saratov State University;
O.A. Butova - Doctor of Sciences (Medicine), Professor, Stavropol State University;
Yu.M. Dedkov - Doctor of Sciences (Chemistry), Professor, Moscow State Regional University;
Yu.A. Darinskii - Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Professor, Russian State Pedagogical University named after A.I. Herzen (St. Petersburg);
S.S. Klauchek - Doctor of Sciences (Medicine), Professor, Volgograd State Medical University;
A.N. Nevalenny - Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Professor, Astrakhan State Technical University;
A.A. Terentev - Doctor of Sciences (Medicine), Corresponding member of Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor, Russian State Medical University (Moscow);
A.G. Tyrkov - Doctor of Sciences (Chemistry), Professor, Astrakhan State University;
Yu.Yu. Tarasevich - Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), Professor, Astrakhan State University;

Editorial Board:
S.B. Ubizskiy - Associate Professor, D.Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), National University "Lviv Polytechnic" (Lviv, Ukraine);
Daniele Salvatore - Professor, Head of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems, Ca 'Foscari University (Venice, Italy);
Oreste Piccolo - Professor, European Union Patent Expert, Ca 'Foscari University (Venice, Italy)