Journal of fundamental
applied researches

Age features of the respiratory function of the nasal cavity of the human

2016. №2, pp. 56-61

Petrov Vladislav V. - D.Sc. (Medicine), South-Russian Humanitarian Institute, 56a N. Ostrovskogo Str., Astrakhan, 414045, Russian Federation,

On the stages of development, all departments of the nasal cavity undergo age changes that characterized specific changes in their structural organization and functions. The most important function of the nasal cavity of a person is breathing. This paper presents the results of a study of the basic parameters of respiratory function of the nasal cavity in Mature, elderly and senile age. Presents the main indicators of nasal breathing: nasal cavity volume, air volume and air velocity. Reflect the characteristic of dynamic changes of respiratory indexes of the nasal cavity in elderly and senile age taking into account their gender, complexion and features of the skull. The critical period of declining respiratory function of nasal breathing in old age is identified.

Key words: критический период функции, респираторные показатели, гендерные особенности, полость носа, воздушный поток, объем потока воздуха, critical period function, respiratory indicators, gender differences, the nasal cavity, airflow, amount of air flow