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Effect of agro-climatic factors on grain yield of spring wheat varieties in the Northern Bangladesh

2012. №3, Стр. 121-128

Hossain Akbar  - post-graduate student, Astrakhan State University, tanjimar2003@yahoo.com

Lozovskaya Marina V. - Professor, D.Sc. (Biology), Astrakhan State University, tanjimar2003@yahoo.com

Zvolinsky Vacheslav P. - Professor, D.Sc. (Agriculture), Caspian Scientific Research Institute of Arid Agriculture, www.pniiaz.ru

The timing of planting has a significant impact on yield of spring wheat. The actual problem is the selection and testing of crop varieties for optimum as well as stress conditions. This article presents the experimental results, which was conducted in Northern Bangladesh. Eight varieties of spring wheat were evaluated under four sowing conditions, ranged from early to very late. Result from the study indicated that the greater yield different of variety BARI Gom-26, which produced higher grain in early and later period of high temperature stress conditions and the second one Shatabdi. Considering on yield reduction (%) in stress conditions, Bijoy was the best, followed by Sufi. BARI Gom-25 and Gourab were found heat sensitive variety.

Ключевые слова: High-temperature, Wheat variety, Yield, Northern Bangladesh