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Evaluation of nonstoichiometry index, charge and spin states of ions in LaSrMnCrO solid solution

2011. №3, Стр. 147-150

Senin Vasiliy Vladimirovich - junior scientist of centre for functional magnetic materials, Astrakhan State University, vasilysenin@mail.ru

Karpasyuk Vladimir Korniliyevich - full professor, dr. sc. in physics and mathematics, director of centre for functional magnetic materials, Astrakhan State University, karpasyuk@aspu.ru

A simple method is proposed for indirect evaluation of some crystal chemical parameters of perovskite-type oxide solid solution on the basis of modified Poix's model and model of active exchange bonds. Nonstoichiometry index and concentrations of ions, residing at different charge and spin states, for manganite synthesized at various conditions were calculated from experimental data on lattice parameters, magnetization and Curie temperature. Method provided results which are in a qualitative agreement with thermodynamic laws.

Ключевые слова: oxygen content, low spin state, vacancies, divalent manganese, crystal lattice