Journal of fundamental
applied researches

Ontomorphogenesis features of Artemisia santonica L.

2013. 3, pp. 9-16

Zenkina Tatiana Ye. - Head of Ecology Department, LLC Volgogradnefteproekt, 94A Lenin Ave., Volgograd, 400078, Russian Federation,

Sagalaev Vadim A. - Sc.D. (Biology), Professor, Volgograd State University, 100 University Ave., Volgograd, 4000062, Russian Federation,

The information about biology of growth and ontogenesis of Artemisia santonica is presented. The allelopathic activity of the species, its pharmacological, phytomeliorative and feeding value are charaterised. The ecotope of Artemisia santonica, its life-form, marphological pecularitis are described. The description of 2 morphological sinflorescencia forms are made, which are different by anthode. The results of research of ontomorphogenesis are provided. The rules of life cycle including 3 ontogenetical periods (pregenerative, generative, postgenerativ) and 8 age confitions are described. The morphological pecularities of each age condition are examined and the lifetime and chronologic age of each age condition are characterised. Particulation and its role in life cycle are characterised. The description of normal and senile particulation are made. the importance and forms of vegetative multiplication, such as roothing of plagiotropic lignified bines and formation of root stalks are dicussed.

Key words: Artemisia santonica,life cycle,age conditions,ontogenetical periods,ontomorphogenesis,senile particulation,normal particulation,dimorphism of anthode,vegetative multiplication,root stalks